"Are you boys here all by yourselves?"

Yes, sir, and I’m actually in my twenties, but thanks for being concerned.

Just got some great news. Don’t know what next year is going to look like for me, but I’m suddenly a little more relaxed about it.

I still have such a huge crush on Roy Mustang.

Such a huge crush.

I’m starting to think my happy trail is becoming a little more pronounced.

About damn time.


when the manga gets an anime and the anime gets a reboot and you get to watch your favorite character die three different times


Couldn’t you have sent me that message like

Four hours later

When I actually have to wake up?

Sunset at the beach.

Sunset at the beach.

Told my parents yesterday that I wanted to go to the beach. They told me we weren’t going to the beach.

Guess who’s going to the beach.

I want to catch up on TV shows and play video games but it’s 31C (88 degrees Fahrenheit).

So I’m just gonna drag my laptop outside and write. I just want to be able to post something in the near future damnit.