I’ve been feeling really homesick for the US over the past few days.


Actually amazing… Best thing from BGT tonight

Today is one of those days where I just want to listen to music with the volume turned up and do nothing else.

Oh god I just found out about a Teen Wolf con that that will take place a few months from now and is only a few hours away from my home.

Ian Bohen will be attending.

Do I go or do I not go. Meeting him is all I want, even though I hate the idea of photo ops and autographs for sale (I already have his autograph though).

What the fuck do I do.

(On top of that it’s in another country… I mean I can understand the language but still.)

I’m looking hella hot today but every picture I tried to take of myself to preserve this moment has been a total and complete disaster.

Completely forgot I have somewhere to be today and I don’t want to gooo.

Ah man suddenly I’m really missing the pizzas I had on occasion when I was living in the US.

Also, John C. McGinley has biceps to die for.

I love musical episodes.

I got two bowls of Ben & Jerry’s before I gave up and just got the rest of the tub.