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Here’s a tip: don’t sleep on the floor. Everything hurts dammit.

Chilton’s arms appreciation post


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I love how you seem to have completely abandoned your blog and now almost every post on here lately is about you denying Chilton's death and just CHILTON ARHG I FEEL YOU

Hahaha yeah I cope with things by talking about them and I need to cope! This is a personal blog and NOW YOU MADE IT PERSONAL HANNIBAL.

Also, my likes are chock-full of Chilton posts which I will probably unleash on this blog over the rest of this week. Because Frederick Chilton.

I just realized Friday’s almost here, although an anon told me that apparently we won’t be getting any more Chilton this season. So while his death may or may not be confirmed anytime soon, I am never letting the thought of Frederick being dead in my head ever again.

Waking In A Quiet Room

The first thing he noticed was the numbness, accompanied by the pain. It was a paradox — his face felt like a stranger’s, but the stinging assured him his nerves were still intact. Still dazed he tried to lift a hand to touch his cheek, which seemed to be where the odd feeling originated.

The unforgiving clang of metal, the sharp digging of steel in the flesh of his wrist instantly reminded him of previous events.

Getting shot, getting almost killed.

Getting framed.

Resting his head back against his pillow he allowed this soul-crushing realization to dawn on him, not even trying to fight it.

And for a little while he just wishes that he would never have woken up.

Everything is Frederick Chilton and nothing hurts



Everything hurts

Will is delusional. He would like to reinforce his delusion with you, with me, with Abel Gideon.

- That doesn’t mean he is not right.